Game Informer 239 NM Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Wrap Cvr Ouya Steam Box Bioshock Infini



Address on back cover. (Four page article on the upcoming next generation including Ouya, Steam Box, Game Stick, Nvidia’s Shield and the Piston, six page article on the art of writing in video games, Obsidian’s Project Eternity interview, THQ closes shop article, Assassin’s Creed III’s Alex Hutchinson interview, Double Fine’s Greg Rice interview, Witcher 3 fourteen page feature, Bioshock Infinite six page article, Disney Infinity six page article, Star Wars Pinball four page article, Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII preview, Splinter Cell Blacklist two page preview, The Witness two page preview, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 preview, Dark preview, Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut preview, SimCity preview, Pokemon X and Y preview, Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate preview, Bravely Default Flying Fairy preview, The Cave review, Dead Space 3 two page review, Anarchy Reigns review, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time review, Knytt Underground revirew, Joe Danger Touch review, Fire Emblem Awakening review, four page history of Activision article)

Near mint condition.

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