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Address printed on cover. Four page article on the ESRB including an interview with Patricia Vance, two page article about Mass Effect including Casey Hudson interview, Top 10 Design Trends, two page article on Machinima, Licensed video games: good or bad? article, Warner Bros’ Jason Hall interview, Kane & Lynch ten page article, Turok six page article, The Darkness two page article, Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria two page article, Battlefield 2142 two page preview, MotorStorm preview, Untold Legends preview, Shadowrun preview, Ninety-Nine Nights preview, Xenosaga Episode III Also Sprach Zarathustra preview, Legend of Zelda Phatom Hourglass preview, Elebits preview, Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures preview, Prey review, Jaws Unleashed review, Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories review, Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle-Earth II review, Chromehounds review, Half-Life 2 Episode One review, Rise & Fall Civilizations At War review, Titan Quest review, Valkyrie Profile Lenneth review, Astonishia Story review, Summon Night Swordcraft Story review, Big Brain Academy review, Def Jam Fight for NY review, Magnetica review, two page article on Kid Icarus.

Near mint condition.