G.I. Joe Poster # 6 Storm Shadow VS Snake Eyes J Scott Campbell


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Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow – with Cobra Commander looking on! Storm Shadow was Hard Master’s nephew and student who first met Snake-Eyes, who he thought was a thief, and fought with him. Hard Master was impressed by Snake-Eyes’ skills and became his favorite student. This caused Storm to be jealous and he escaped from the dojo. Snake-Eyes discovered that Hard Master was murdered, with Storm Shadow being the main suspect.it revealed that Zartan was one is kill Hard Master which framed Storm Shadow. Snake Eyes is the code name of a member of the G.I. Joe Team. Much of his history and information, including his real name, place of birth and service number, have remained classified throughout all depictions of his origin. All that is known for certain about him is his rank/grade (originally U.S. Army Sergeant/E-5, and eventually reaching Master Sergeant/E-8), he has undergone Drill Sergeant training, and is a former U.S. Army Special Forces Delta operator. Very little else about his past has been revealed. He was originally billed by Hasbro in 1982 as a commando, but in the pages of Marvel Comics, it became clear that he was also a full-fledged ninja master. Snake Eyes is quiet in his movements and is a swift and deadly master of multiple martial arts. He is an expert in the use of a Japanese sword and spike-knuckled trench knives, but is equally qualified with and willing to use firearms and explosives. He is also the team’s resident hand to hand combat instructor. Making him even more dangerous is that he rarely relies on one set of weapons to the exclusion of others. He usually wears what could perhaps best be described as a black “military ninja” bodysuit, along with a balaclava and visor to cover his face, which was disfigured in a helicopter explosion. Since then, Snake Eyes has had extensive plastic surgery to repair the damage to his face; he still has a few scars left, but his vocal cords cannot be repaired. When shown out of his uniform, Snake Eyes is a six feet two inch tall Caucasian with an athletic build, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Storm Shadow s best known as the Cobra Commander’s ninja bodyguard, and for his history with fellow ninja Snake Eyes. Throughout their history, he has changed sides several times; conflicted in loyalties between Cobra, G.I. Joe, and his blood brother, Snake Eyes. Storm Shadow is one of the most prominent characters in the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. He is an 8th degree black belt in several martial arts, and can endure unimaginable amounts of hardship and pain. Storm Shadow moves with blinding speed, can scale sheer walls with bare hands and feet, and is an expert with a long bow, katana, throwing stars and nunchaku sticks. He usually wears a white uniform and mask. When out of his uniform, he is shown to be Japanese, with black hair and dark eyes.

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