G.I. Joe Poster #17 Dreadnoks Francis Manapul GI Zanya Gnawgahyde Monkeywrench


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Zanya, Gnawgahyde, Monkeywrench, Zanzibar, Torch, Machete, and Ripper. The Dreadnoks are a fictional biker gang from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. They are affiliated with Cobra as shock troops, offering their mercenary services as subordinates of Zartan. Zanya: The daughter of Zartan, and niece of Zandar and Zarana. Current heir apparent to Zartan. Gnawgahyde: The Dreadnok poacher. He is known for bathing in animal fat and trying to think like his prey. He wields a long range hunting rifle. Has disappeared after an overnight hunting trip with Crusher. Monkeywrench: A Dreadnok who loves explosions, going so far as to include fireworks and Roman candles into his bombs for effect. He uses grenades and bombs, as well as a harpoon gun. In the G.I. Joe cartoon, he is shown to be highly arachnophobic. In G.I. Joe: America’s Elite, Monkeywrench is noted as a prisoner at “The Coffin” penitentiary in Greenland and is terminated there during a Cobra raid. Zanzibar: The Dreadnok pirate, Zanzibar is low even by Dreadnok standards. He is a smuggler, thief, pickpocket and boat pilot. Even the other Dreadnoks dislike him. Nevertheless, he’s incredibly gifted for hand to hand fight. He pilots the Dreadnok Air Skiff which includes a spear, gun, and hammer as weapons. Torch: A former Merchant Marine, Torch is one of the founders of the Dreadnoks. He is an expert in oxy-acetylene cutting torches and uses a modified one as a weapon. Machete: A Dreadnok who first appears in the G.I. Joe: Sigma 6 series. He carries a shotgun, and drives the Dreadnok Cycle with Buzzer as his gunner. Chop Shop: A swamp guard. He bragged he would take the Joes only to be ambushed and knocked out by Snake-Eyes. Ripper: A founding member of the Dreadnoks, he is known for carrying an assault rifle with a large blade serving as a bayonet. Ripper is angry, violent and anti-social. He is secretly a shrewd businessman and independently wealthy.

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