G.I. Joe Poster #14 Kamakura by David Michael Beck GI Energon Skybound


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Kamakura is an apprentice to Snake Eyes and a character of the G.I. Joe comic book series. His file cards list his true name and birthplace as classified. In comics by Devil’s Due Publishing, he is revealed to be Sean Collins (Broca), the son of the original Fred Broca, a Crimson Guardsman who looked exactly like the rest of the “Fred series”. His father is killed and later replaced by Fred II, who is later revealed to be Wade Collins, a war buddy of Snake Eyes and Stalker. He is a member of the Arashikage clan (as noted by the tattoo on his arm). Like a true ninja, Kamakura likes to blend in the background, unseen and undetected until the moment to strike arrives. He prefers to perform every action in quick, quiet and efficient manner.

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