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Since Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees has been depicted as a non-verbal, indestructible, machete-wielding mass murderer. Jason is primarily portrayed as being completely silent throughout the film series. Exceptions to this include flashbacks of Jason as a child, and a brief scene in Jason Takes Manhattan where the character cries out “Mommy, please don’t let me drown!” in a child’s voice before being submerged in toxic waste, and in Jason Goes To Hell where his spirit possesses other individuals. Online magazine Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir describes Jason as a “silent, expressionless … blank slate.” When discussing Jason psychologically, Sean S. Cunningham said, “… he doesn’t have any personality. He’s like a great white shark. You can’t really defeat him. All you can hope for is to survive.” Since Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, Jason has been a “virtually indestructible” being. Tom McLoughlin, the film’s director, felt it was silly that Jason had previously been just another guy in a mask, who would kill people left and right, but get “beaten up and knocked down by the heroine at the end.” McLoughlin wanted Jason to be more of a “formidable, unstoppable monster.” In resurrecting Jason from the dead, McLoughlin also gave him the weakness of being rendered helpless if trapped beneath the waters of Crystal Lake; inspired by vampire lore, McLoughlin decided that Jason had in fact drowned as a child, and that returning him to his original resting place would immobilize him. This weakness would be presented again in The New Blood, and the idea that Jason had drowned as a child was taken up by director Rob Hedden as a plot element in Jason Takes Manhattan. New Line intended the film to be the last in the Friday series, thus the subtitle of the movie and to set up Freddy vs. Jason, hence the inclusion of the final scene. However, due to major development issues over several years, New Line Cinema wasn’t sure if Freddy vs. Jason would ever get made. Freddy vs. Jason was eventually released ten years after this film, in 2003.

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