Frankenhooker Pin-up # 1 MATTED Penthouse Pet Patty Mullen 1990 Movie


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This is a small pin-up with a white mat 10×8 frame. Very lightweight, pretty small…priced accordingly.

Frankenhooker is a 1990 American black comedy horror directed by Frank Henenlotter. Very loosely inspired by Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, the film stars James Lorinz as medical school drop-out Jeffrey Franken and former Penthouse Pet Patty Mullen as the title character (who wears a fatsuit in the beginning of the film).

Patty Mullen as Elizabeth Shelley

Jeffrey is heartbroken after his fiancĂ©e Elizabeth is killed by a lawnmower during a cookout. He decides that the only way to confront her loss is to use his science skills to bring her back to life. As her body has been cut into pieces, Jeffrey must take new parts from other women and he ultimately chooses to harvest them from the bodies of New York prostitutes he lures back to his house and kills via exploding crack. He uses the body parts to bring Elizabeth back to life, however her mind isn’t fully restored. The newly revived creation escapes and begins looking for customers, who end up exploding after encountering her. Jeffrey also has problems in the form of the pimp Zorro, who comes looking for the women Jeffrey hired. He threatens Jeffrey and strikes Elizabeth, which causes her to regain her senses. During all of this the spare hooker parts are reanimated into a many limbed monster, which drags Zorro away – but not before he kills Jeffrey. Wanting her lover back, Elizabeth decides to revive Jeffrey via the same procedure he used on her. Since the process only works on female bodies, Elizabeth had to use the hookers’ body parts. Jeffrey has a brief moment of clarity before his brain begins to go haywire in the same manner that Elizabeth’s did earlier in the film prior to the film cutting to black.

Frankenhooker’s initial release was delayed because of difficulty obtaining an R rating from the MPAA; the director recalls that one representative of the ratings body actually said, in a phone call to the production company’s secretary, “Congratulations, you’re the first film rated S.” And she said, “S? For sex?” And they said, “No, S for shit.”

Patty Mullen is an American actress and model born on Staten Island, New York. She starred in the 1990 cult film Frankenhooker and the 1987 film Doom Asylum. Mullen’s modeling career began with her first appearance in Penthouse. She was Penthouse Pet of the Month August 1986 and Pet of the Year 1988.

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