Flash # 212 NM Geoff Johns Cummings Mirror Master DC Comics 1st print


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Flash (1987 2nd Series) #212

Published Sep 2004 by DC.

In this Code-approved comic, child murder and suicide are graphically depicted along with an even more graphic depiction of cocane use by the new Mirror Master (he never used a mirror this way before). WRITTEN BY GEOFF JOHNS; ART BY STEVE CUMMINGS AND WAYNE FAUCHER; COVER BY ETHAN VAN SCIVER In stores July 21. A Rogue Profile spotlighting the Mirror Master, featuring guest art by Steve Cummings and Wayne Faucher and new cover artist Ethan Van Sciver! What is the origin of Mirror Master, and why is he so obsessed with his career as a Rogue and his endless battles with the Flash? Look into Evan McCulloch’s past as he fends off U.S. agents that want the equipment that makes him who he is! Guest-starring Captain Cold, Weather Wizard and the Trickster! FC, 32 PG.

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