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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is an action-adventure game for the Wii, first announced to the public at E3 in May 2006 and was released on November 12, in Japan and on December 26, 2009, in North America.

The game takes place in the world of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles at a time when magic is banned, but some people are still born with such powers and are called “Crystal Bearers”. In this time of imbalance between technology and magic, a group of friends must fight against a threat to the Crystal Bearers and to civilization itself.

The game is set far into the future of the Crystal Chronicles franchise, taking place in the same world as Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, populated by four races. During the war, the tribe of the Lilty apparently banished the Yuke into their own dimensional world. There was a time when “swords have changed to guns” and the arcane arts are outlawed by the Liltian Kingdom. However, some people are born with the power of magic inside of themselves called “Crystal Bearers”. Any bearer has her or his random crystallized body part like an eye or a small part on the skin. In March 2008, an official advertising article about Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates noted that the Nintendo DS installment “sets the stage” for The Crystal Bearers.

1000 years have passed in the events of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, the destruction of the Yuke Crystal during the Great War, with its Tribe suffers with apparent annihilation, and the Lilties triumph over against them in the world as they bring it into a new age of science and reason through machines called “crystal reactors”, with the use of magic outlawed and rule over the Clavats and few Selkies who comply to the new order. In the new era of imbalance exists a rare breed of powerful beings called “Crystal Bearers”, whose magical abilities have led them to be feared and scorned by the public. Layle is hired to escort the new passenger airship Alexis, the pinnacle of Lilty technology and a symbol of their current dominance. As “Alexis II” is besieged by a horde of monstrous birds, Zus, Layle jumps off of Keiss’ escort ship and shoots down the Zus with his sentry gun. As Layle lands on the deck of the ship, a portal opens and Layle uses his telekinetic powers to pull the mysterious Yuke named Amidatelion out from it, and nicknames her “Goldenrod”. The Yuke takes the Alexis’ crystal shards with a strange piece of crystal called a “Crystal Idol”. Layle fights her, but she rides on one of the zus to escape. After Layle steals the Idol, the loss of the crystal shards forces Layle to fly the airship, with his own crystal powers fueling the reactors and safely crashlanding the ship in front of the capital. After the incident, Keiss and Layle pursues Amidatelion. However, as the game progresses, Layle learns that Jegran’s power is threatening everyone in the world.

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