Fantastic Four Poster # 8 WATER DAMAGE Mike Wieringo Mr Invisible Woman Thing


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This poster has slight water damage. I drop of water hit the side of the poster at some point and cause slight discoloration…it’s hardly noticeable but I feel I’ve priced the item accordingly. Michael Lance “Mike” Wieringo (June 24, 1963 – August 12, 2007),2 who sometimes signed his work under the name ‘Ringo, was an American comic book artist best known for his work on DC Comics’ The Flash and Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four. Wieringo gained prominence working with writer Mark Waid on DC Comics’ super-speedster series The Flash vol. 2. Wieringo then returned to Marvel and reunited with writer Mark Waid on Fantastic Four. Beginning with #51 (March 2002), Wieringo eventually drew 27 issues of Waid’s 36 issues, wrapping up their run with #524, by which time the previously relaunched series had returned to its original numbering. Newsarama commented that the Waid-Wieringo run “was perhaps best known for fan outcry when Marvel announced that it was going to replace the team. Marvel quickly reversed its decision, and the two completed their run on the series”. On August 12, 2007. Wieringo died of an aortic dissection at his home in Durham, North Carolina, at age 44. He was survived by his parents, Cecil and Shirley Dean Wieringo, and his brother Matt.

Water damage not seen in photos.