Fantastic Four Poster #49 vs Skrulls Franklin Valeria Richards Alan Davis


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Thing, Human Torch and Franklin and Valeria Richards vs Skrulls! Valeria Richards was tested for superpowers by her father, Mister Fantastic, and found to have no superhuman abilities. In Fantastic Four: The Wedding she is seen to complete a Rubik’s Cube with her father saying that she will be playing chess by the time she is two. It was recently revealed that she is, in fact, already incredibly intelligent, nearly at the level of Reed. However, she is hiding her intelligence from her family as she has calculated that at this point, it would cause far too much of a divide between her family. Although Sue would be proud of her, it would alienate Valeria from her, and after eighty-two months, it would inadvertently drive a wedge between Reed and Franklin, whom she said would become estranged from the family. However, she has since dropped the ruse, as she’s later shown as the proud creator of a very advanced AI-based toy which Reed and Franklin plan to sell to Disney.

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