Fantastic Four Poster #30 Origin of Marvel by George Perez Hulk Cage Quasar


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Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing and the Human Torch…in the background are those who came after the debut of the FF: Luke Cage, the Incredible Hulk, Misty Knight, Doctor Druid, Thundra, Quasar, Tigra, The Wizard, Impossible Man, Agatha Harkness and Franklin Richards and many more! George Pérez (born June 9, 1954) is an illustrator and writer of comic books. Arguably one of the most popular and influential artist in American comic books since the 1980s. He primarily illustrates superhero comics, mainly published by DC Comics and Marvel Comics, and is known for his clean, dynamic, yet ornate style, with a strong emphasis on group superhero action scenes. He kicks ass!!!

Near mint condition.