Everclear So Much For the Afterglow CD


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Everclear has done it again, producing another fantastic album full of remarkable tracks. So Much for the Afterglow captures senses of bitterness, anger, scorn, sadness, and longing as only an album by Art Alexakis and Everclear can. Each song has a distinctly ‘Everclear’ sound, which, the first time through might make it a tad difficult to distinguish some songs from others, but on repeated listens it becomes clear that every song is a gem. Each song tells a story, a story of a brutal childhood in a dysfunctional family, of love that is anything but a fairy tale, of lost and broken Hollywood dreams. The truly amazing thing about this album is the fact that these stories aren’t banal and tired. Alexakis really does make them personal stories, about real flesh and blood people. He tells these people’s stories, some are his, some are of people he knows, some he’s even made up, and each one has the power to make you really listen, to empathize with these people, to understand what Alexakis is trying to relate to you. It’s an amazing album to listen to when you’re down. It’s incredibly cathartic to listen to these stories that are unpolished, rough, gutsy and real. This isn’t some overproduced, syrupy album. It cuts deep and you’ll find yourself listening to it again and again.