Elektra # 2 NM Wolverine! Mike Deodato Jr Art Peter Milligan Marvel 1st print


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Elektra (1996 1st Series) #2

Published Dec 1996 by Marvel.

Cover art by Mike Deodato Jr. Fathers Day, script by Peter Milligan, art by Mike Deodato Jr.; Elektra vs. Bullseye—Round Two!; It’s the rematch of the century as the beautiful assassin comes face-to-face with her nemesis, the cold-blooded killer known as Bullseye!; He murdered her once; can he do it again?!; This match ends in someone’s sudden death! Interview with Terry Kavanagh. Interview with Roger Cruz, with art by Cruz. 44 pgs., full color.

Near mint, 1st print. Bag&Board, Been sitting boxed for 30+ years, one owner!