Electronic Gaming Monthly 182 NM Lord of the Rings Third Age Cvr


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Address label on cover. Looks like coffee soaked through half this magazine. Half-Life 2 MIA article, NBA Street 3 two page preview, three page Grand Theft Auto San Andreas / Los Santos visitors guide, Robotech Invasion preview, Medal of Honor Rising Sun preview, Backyard Wrestling 2 preview, WWE Day of Reckoning preview, Def Jam Fight for NY preview, Rumble Roses preview, Steve-O interview, six page article of under the radar upcoming games, seven page Lord of the Rings The Third Age feature (with map!), N-Gage QD article, Driv3r for mobile review, Spider-Man 2 review, Showdown Legends of Wrestling preview, Malice review, Combat Elite WWII Paratroopers review, Crimson Tears review, Ghosthunter review, Echo Night Beyond review, McFarlane’s Evil Prophecy review, Street Fighter Anniversary Collection review, Rainbox Six 3 Black Arrow review, Puyo Pop Fever review, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow GC review, Astro Boy Omega Factor review, Thief Deadly Shadows strategy guide, Mega Man Anniversary Collection cheat codes, Hsu & Chan strip.