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Dream Police (2005) #1
Published Aug 2005 by Marvel

Pencils and Cover by MIKE DEODATO.

In the very near future, Detectives Joe Thursday and Frank Stafford patrol the surreal landscape of Los Angeles. But theirs is not just any beat. Their beat is the dreamscape — a neo-noire landscape populated by trolls, dinosaurs, and things that go bump in the night, a place where it’s not too uncommon to find oneself late for the big test, completely naked at work, or trapped in an endless, repetitive loop. And that’s where our Detectives Stafford and Thursday come in. Tonight’s patrol roster looks like it’ll be quite a doozy: Sister Mary, whose convent becomes a playground for a sinister force . . .”Two-Pack” Benny, who’s trying to keep his hand in the dream-molding game . . . and little Albert, who unleashes the monster under his bed on his little suburban neighborhood. 48 PGS

Near mint, 1st print.