Dragonslayer Pin-up FRAMED # 1 Vermithrax Pejorative the Dragon


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Dragonslayer is a 1981 fantasy film set in a fictional medieval kingdom, following a young wizard (played by Peter MacNicol) who experiences danger and opposition as he attempts to defeat a dragon. Dragonslayer was more mature and realistic than other Disney films of the period. Because of audience expectations for a more family-friendly film from Disney, the film’s violence, adult themes, and brief nudity were somewhat controversial at the time. A sixth-century post-Roman kingdom called Urland is being terrorized by a 400 year old dragon named Vermithrax Pejorative. To appease the dragon, King Casiodorus (Peter Eyre) offers it virgin girls selected by lottery twice a year. An expedition led by a young man called Valerian (Clarke) seeks the last sorcerer, Ulrich of Craggenmoor (Richardson), for help. The special effects were created at Industrial Light and Magic, where Phil Tippett had co-developed an animation technique called go motion for Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980). Go motion is a variation on stop motion animation, and its use in Dragonslayer led to the film’s nomination for the Academy Award for Visual Effects; it lost to Raiders of the Lost Ark, the only other Visual Effects nominee that year, which special effects were also provided by ILM.

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