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Drafted #11! Creators: Author: Mark Powersartist: Rebekah Isaacs, cover Artist: Jonathan Hickman! Description: War has arrived, and Earth will never be the same again. The battle to stop the World-Eaters calls Gabriel and his teammates to arms in a quest spanning the entire globe – but the group’s greatest obstacle will be the treachery and death within their own ranks. Pages: 32

Benderspink Productions has locked a long-in-the-making deal to develop Mark Powers’ critically acclaimed comic series Drafted. The sci-fi epic feature project will follow the story of Earth’s first contact with aliens who arrive to warn humanity of an impending intergalactic invasion. Men, women, and children are conscripted into the battle to save both races’ existence, but just as the invaders are defeated, humans learn they may have been helping the wrong side all along.

Drafted, which Devil’s Due Entertainment first published in 2007, is also being rebooted as a comic for 2015, with co-creator Powers returning to pen new issues for summer 2015. Powers, original publisher Josh Blaylock of Devil’s Due, and Benderspink will develop the property for the screen and are eyeing large-scale potential for the military sci-fier. “I’ve loved this property for seven years now,” said JC Spink of Benderspink, “and am so glad to be able to help make something happen for it in film.”

The deal marks the latest comic book-based project for management/production shingle Benderspink, which recently signed Fathom publisher Aspen Comics. “We are starting to rep comic companies because every one outside of DC and Marvel seem to be underutilized,” Spink told me earlier this month. Benderspink also recently pacted with Universal Cable Productions to develop comic book drama Five Ghosts for SyFy.

Near mint, 1st print.