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Dolly Dearest is a 1991 horror film starring Denise Crosby and Rip Torn. American Elliot Wade (Sam Bottoms) becomes the new owner of the “Dolly Dearest” factory in Mexico. Somewhere else an archaeologist ends up dead by trying to break into the nearby tomb of Sanzia, an ancient Mayan Cult, and the evil spirit trapped inside for hundreds of years is released, finding refuge inside some dolls in the factory. Elliot’s 7-year-old daughter Jessica (Candace Hutson) discovers one of the possessed dolls on a shelf, while his son Jimmy (Chris Demetral) finds what looks like an entrance to a cave protected by a wire fence. Dolly begins to exert a demonic influence on Jessica. Elliot’s wife Marilyn (Denise Crosby) finds a disturbing drawing Jessica drew, and begins to experience unusual activities and changes within her daughter. Camilla (Lupe Ontiveros), the housekeeper, sends a priest to bless the house, during which Jessica throws a tantrum while in the car with Marilyn and Jimmy. Eventually, Dolly reveals herself to Marilyn and her family and uses Jessica to attack her mother. Jimmy shoots the doll, killing her, and the family head to the factory where Elliot is. Elliot and Resnick blow up the factory killing all of the other dolls which are also possessed. However, as the movie ends, the camera zooms in on the burning building, possibly implying that one of the Dolly dolls is still alive.

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