Digital Webbing Presents 11 Bad Elements NM Kevin D. Melrose Peter Honrade


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Digital Webbing Presents (2001) #11A
Published Oct 2003 by Digital Webbing

Stories by Kevin D. Melrose, Glenn Jeffers, Joshua Gamon, Ev Jameson, Troy Wall, C.G. Kirby
Art by Peter Honrade, John Etienne, Nick Postic, Justin Peterson, Mitch Breitweiser, Enzo Pertile

Bad Elements; The Gig:, Part 3; Leviathan; Just Another Wednesday; Summer Days, Winter Nights; Payback

Featuring: Magicians turned criminal, criminals turning to magic, a man obsessing over being different from everyone else, and a mystery hiding within a sci-fi and RPG tale gone bad. All this and more in one issue! Plus, the final installment of “The Gig”! 40 pages, B&W. Cover price $2.95.

The problem with most anthologies, whether they’re comic books or conventional publications, is that they tend to showcase only one genre. By providing a full array of stories, Digital Webbing Presents guarantees that almost everyone will find something that appeals to them. Spotlighting the best work of both established and new internet writers and artists, the book presents short stories and serials that cover everything from science fiction to super-heroes, horror to martial arts, and spy thrillers to comedy. Besides providing an outlet for original and never-before-published tales, DWP also gives readers occasional sneak peaks at existing comics and characters, such as Gutwallow, Shades of Blue, and Sword of Dracula, and features talent from creators including Scott Morse, Anthony Castrillo, Christopher Golden, and even Michael Moorcock.

Near mint, 1st print.