Deadpool Poster #10 Pretty Woman by Arthur Suydam Zombie Headpool


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Deadpool, Dr. Betty and “Headpool” a.k.a. the severed head of Zombie Deadpool! Dr. Betty Swanson works for the terrorist organisation A.I.M. and was Deadpool’s contact whom he had to rescue in the Savage Land. “Headpool” originates from another universe where all the Marvel heroes were transformed into zombies. Headpool had a body until it was damaged in a battle. He briefly made friends with Zombie (Simon Garth) until they parted ways. Headpool somehow made it to the Savage Land where he met his counterpart Deadpool and Dr. Betty Swanson. Deadpool: Marvel, what did you do with me? I know I looked awful before, but even I think this is a little disgusting, and that’s your own merc with a mouth talking here! This poster is a homage to the Pretty Woman movie poster!

Near mint condition.