DC Comics Super Hero Collection Blackest Night Brightest Day #14: Dove (Hawk and) Eaglemoss


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DC Comics Blackest Night Figurine Collection (2011 Eaglemoss) Magazine #14
Published Nov 2011 by Eaglemoss Publications.

Volume 14 – 1st printing. “Dove” – The Blackest Night/Brightest Day Collection expands upon the award winning DC Comics Super Hero Collection. Aimed at fans of DC Comics and in particular the Green Lantern Universe within, Blackest Night Collection focuses on DC Comics’ super events – the critically acclaimed Blackest Night and leads in to the current blockbuster event, Brightest Day. Each figurine is a highly detailed replica of the character at approximately 1:21 scale. Slick card-stock cover, 20 pages, 8 1/2-in. x 11-in., full color.

Near mint condition.