Daredevil vs Punisher Poster # 2 Bushwacker by David Lapham


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Daredevil, a hero who believes in justice vs Punisher, a man who takes justice into his own hands! Bushwacker’s right arm has been altered bionically so that it can function as a gun. He can fire bullets from his index finger as if his hand were a pistol. Using his left hand, he can alter the configuration of his right arm, allowing it to function in several modes that replicate the effects of a number of weapons, including a machine gun and a shotgun. He employs powerful gadgets and weapons, most notably a flamethrower, all of which can be created by the mechanical prostheses that have replaced his forearms. He manages to load the weapons by swallowing ammo, such as bullets or flamethrower fuel. Bushwacker’s skin can liquefy to seal wounds. There are some versions that take this a step further, having Bushwacker be able to use highly concussive energy weaponry (very similar to that of Iron Man or War Machine), and even be able to morph his arm into blades as a last resort.

Near mint condition.