Concrete Pin-up # 1 Chris Warner


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Concrete is a comic book series created and written by Paul Chadwick and published by Dark Horse Comics. His first appearance is Dark Horse Presents #1 (July, 1986). The eponymous central character is a normal man whose brain was transplanted into a large, stone body by aliens, and who lives an extraordinary life on Earth following his escape. The Concrete series focuses on realism. Apart from the aliens (which appear only in original series issue No. 3, in Concrete’s recounting of his origin) and Concrete’s own high-tech, artificial, stone body (which includes a host of attendant abilities), there are no supernatural or science-fiction elements to any stories. The hero tries to use his body for noble endeavors, such as helping out on a family farm. Later, Concrete climbs Mount Everest, becomes involved with a group of hardline environmental militants, and reluctantly agrees to become the spokesperson of a campaign to voluntarily reduce the Earth’s population. Concrete’s sexuality is addressed in the series. An artist at heart, he collects paintings of female nudes. He is notably embarrassed at his lack of sexual organs; this is often the subject of hurtful jokes thrown his way. Real-world physics apply to Concrete. Examples include Concrete breaking objects by sitting on them, or Concrete being shot forward from a braking car, due to the momentum of his large body. He is constantly breaking telephones and doorknobs, and must hire an assistant Larry Munro, because his hands are too clumsy to handle a pen.

Chris Warner is a comic book writer and artist for Dark Horse Comics. He worked extensively on their mid-1990s line of Comics’ Greatest World and Dark Horse Heroes. He has also worked sporadically for other companies, such as Marvel Comics and DC Comics. He is listed as the creator of Barb Wire and the developer of the setting of Steel Harbor for these lines. His work on this line includes writing and penciling the mini-series Barb Wire: Ace of Spades (1-4), penciling issues 10-12 of X, being the image illustrator (i.e., the visual creator) of characters like Ghost and is given creator credit on Wolf Gang, Pit Bulls and Motorhead. He also worked on Will to Power (issues 4-6 as writer & 10-12 as penciler) and the second volume of Ghost, on which he acted as writer and later co-writer for the majority of that title’s run.

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