Comics Buyer’s Guide 1652 NM Watchmen Movie Cvr Zack Snyder Interview The Spirit



Comics Buyer’s Guide #1652
Published Apr 2009 by DynaPubs

This issue of the world’s longest-running magazine about comics includes the following: Watchmen cast interviews; Captain Action article by Mr. Silver Age; The Spirit article by Maggie Thompson; Watchmen article by Andrew Smith; Peter David column; plus the usual reviews, price guide, news items, and more.

3 page article on the Watchmen movie, 4 page Q&A on the Watchmen’s background (why has Alan Moore taken his name off the project, etc), 9 page Captain Action article, Webcomics School Part 3: being seen 3 page article, Love and Capes Thom Zahler 4 page interview, 2 page article on video game comics like Gears of War, Halo, World of Warcraft, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Brian Douglas Ahern comic strip, 3 page Peter David But I Digress article, Dork Tower comic strip

Cover price $5.99.

Near mint condition.

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