Comics Buyer’s Guide 1639 NM Hulk vs Red Hulk Cvr Billy Tan Heroes Gene Simmons



Comics Buyer’s Guide #1639
Published Mar 2008 by DynaPubs

This issue of the world’s longest-running magazine about comics includes the following: Celebrate 25 Years of CBG with various columnists; new Hulk in red; Heroes TV show volume two; Gene Simmons interview; Peter David column; plus the usual reviews, price guide, news items, and more.

No address sticker, seven page Red Hulk article, Sean McKeever DC’s Countdown interview, Heroes Season Two six page season overview, Ed Burns’ Dock Walloper article, three page Gene Simmons interview, Mark Paniccia’s 10 favorite Hulk comic covers, dozens of pages of comic/graphic novel and DVD reviews, Peter David’s But I Digress column, price guide, industry news, a Dork Tower strip and much more!

Cover price $5.99.

Near mint condition.

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