Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine #2a Ka-Zar and Zabu Eaglemoss


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Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Ka-Zar & Zabu Special by Eaglemoss Publications. It consists of a 20 page colour magazine! The latest in Eaglemoss’s Marvel specials features Ka-Zar and sidekick, Zabu. Having recently been spotted in Secret Invasion from Marvel, and having a long history of stories in the Marvel Universe, Ka-Zar & Zabu are welcome additions to the phenomenal collection from Eaglemoss. The all you need to know magazine, highlighting key appearances from the two characters all throughout the Marvel Universe, includes a Savage Land pin-up on the back cover!

Kevin Plunder, a.k.a. the mighty Ka-Zar, Lord of the Savage Land, is the subject of the latest Special Edition release in the ongoing Classic Marvel Figurine Collection! And because he’s never far from his side, Ka-Zar is joined by his trusted pet sabertooth cat, Zabu! Together, they’re an unbeatable team.

Near mint condition.