Clash of the Titans Pin-up FRAMED # 1 (Original Movie)


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Clash of the Titans is an 1981 British-American fantasy adventure film involving the Greek hero Perseus, and features the final work of stop motion visual effects artist, Ray Harryhausen. Perseus, played by Harry Hamlin, holds the head of the gorgon Medusa. On the Gorgon’s island, Perseus kills Medusa’s canine guardian Dioskilos, who slays one of Perseus’s companions, whereas two others die on encounter with Medusa herself. Perseus uses the reflective underside of his shield to deceive Medusa, decapitates her, and collects her head; but the shield is dissolved by her blood. As Perseus and his party set to return, Calibos enters their camp and punctures the cloak carrying Medusa’s head, causing her blood to produce giant scorpions. Most of the men are killed; but Perseus slays the last scorpion and thereafter kills Calibos. In the subsequent battle, Bubo and Perseus use Medusa’s head to turn the Kraken into stone, and free Andromeda.

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