Child’s Play Poster # 1 Chucky Your Friend Til the End!


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Charles Lee Ray (also known as “The Lakeshore Strangler”, and nicknamed “Chucky”) is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the Child’s Play series. Chucky is a Good Guy doll possessed by the spirit of a serial killer who tries to transfer his soul from the doll to a human body, mainly the body of boy, Andy Barclay. In 1999, Chucky was nominated for the MTV Movie Award for Best Hero for the film Bride of Chucky. He was created by Don Mancini and is voiced by Brad Dourif. Set in 1989, serial killer and voodoo practictioner Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray was being chased by Detective Mike Norris (Chris Sarandon). Before long, he is shot and mortally wounded, while hiding in a toy store. Before dying, he finds boxes of talking “Good Guy” dolls, and uses a voodoo ritual to transfer his soul into one of them. The doll is found by a homeless peddler, and sold to Karen Barclay, who gives him to her son Andy as a birthday gift.

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