Children of The Night Poster Vampire Horror Movie Czakyr David Sawyer


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Children of the Night is a 1991 horror film directed by Tony Randel. The film begins with two childhood friends, Cindy Thompson and Lucy Barrett (Ami Dolenz), going away to college. As a town ritual, they must rid themselves of the “dirt” of their small town and cleanse themselves by swimming laps in an abandoned church crypt. Both girls strip down to their underwear, jump into the water. Cindy begins to tease Lucy about the corpses that are supposedly under the water. Lucy drops her crucifix, which drifts down to land on the remains of an ancient vampire, Czakyr (David Sawyer), awakening him. This vampire, Czakyr, who was living off of the children he took with him upon killing himself awakes and takes the life of Cindy right in front of Lucy.

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