Cavewoman Budd’s Beauties Beasts 2 Miranda Spec Ed COA Budd Root


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Budd’s Beauties and Beasts (2007) #2B
Published Feb 2007 by Basement/Amryl

Miranda Special Edition. Limited to 750 copies. Includes Amryl Certificate of Authenticity. By Budd Root

The first book got rave reviews, so here’s the second! Budd’s Beauties & Beasts is devoted to the uncensored side of Budd. Featured in this issue is a spicy all-new short-strip called ‘Cavewoman & Grandson of Kong.’ There’s a tribute to the Famous Monsters of Filmland and the women they so desperately crave, as well as a sneak peek at two of Budd’s newer characters who are raising some eyebrows – the beautiful but dangerous Blonde Medusa and the Were Tigress of Ranthambhore! So, if you’re moved by monsters and maidens, if you’ve got a feeling for fabulous females and fearsome fiends, and if bewitching bountiful beauties and baleful barbarous beasts are your thing, then join the club!

Near mint, 1st print.