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Carnosaur 2 is the low budget 1995 sequel to the 1993 horror film Carnosaur, and the second of the Carnosaur franchise. It has a similar plot to Aliens, about a team of scientists who go to a nuclear mining facility to investigate a possible meltdown and instead find a large amount of cloned dinosaurs who have been hidden there after the events of the first film. A group of technicians and scientists are called on to investigate the power shortage at a top-secret mining facility, located in the middle of nowhere. The facility, once a uranium mine, laboratory, and refinery, has been a site for radioactive dumping and top-secret experiments. They are unable to reach anyone at the facility, and when they land, no one is around. Three go to the control room to try and reboot the system, while the other three decide to form a small search party in hopes of finding the missing crew. They find the break room completely ransacked and covered in blood, however they do manage to find a teenage boy named Jesse, in a catatonic state from shock, apparently hiding from something. The roars from the T-Rex and the cries from the Velociraptors were both taken from Jurassic Park.

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