Captain America Poster #50 Steve Rogers w/ Nova Helmet Avengers Marko Djurdjevic


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Following the company-wide “Dark Reign” and “Siege” story arcs, Steve Rogers became part of the “Heroic Age” arc. The U.S. president appoints Rogers, in his civilian identity, as head of the nation’s security, replacing Norman Osborn. The Superhuman Registration Act is repealed and Rogers reestablishes the superhero team the Avengers, spearheaded by Iron Man, Thor and Bucky as Captain America. In the miniseries Steve Rogers: Super Soldier, he encounters Jacob Erskine, the grandson of Professor Abraham Erskine and the son of Tyler Paxton, one of Rogers’ fellow volunteers in the Super-Soldier program. Shortly afterward, Rogers becomes leader of the Secret Avengers, a black-ops superhero team. Steve Rogers, with the help of the Xandarian Worldmind, temporarily gains the Nova Force to take out the Serpent Crown/Nova.

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