Captain America Poster #14 Winter Soldier Alex Ross Black Widow Sharon Carter


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Red Skull, Doctor Faustus, Captain America, Black Widow, Union Jack, Nick Fury and Sharon Carter! After Steve Rogers is assassinated in the aftermath of Marvel’s Civil War, Tony Stark tells Winter Soldier (Bucky) that Steve Rogers had left Stark a letter asking Stark to watch over Barnes and that the mantle of Captain America should continue. Stark suggests that Barnes become the new Captain America. Barnes agrees to become the new Captain America only if Stark guarantees him complete autonomy. As this arrangement is illegal under the Superhuman Registration Act, Stark keeps his support of the new Captain America secret. As Captain America, Barnes wears a new costume laced with adamantium, and carries a pistol and a combat knife. Barnes’ first major adventure as the new Captain America has him, Falcon, Sharon Carter and S.H.I.E.L.D. fighting against the original Red Skull and Dr. Faustus who have revived the 1950s Captain America in a plot to secure one of their pawns attaining the U.S. presidency.

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