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Single Variable Calculus with Vector Functions Hardcover
by James Stewart (Author)

Stewart’s SINGLE VARIABLE CALCULUS WITH VECTOR FUNCTIONS has the mathematical precision, accuracy, clarity of exposition and outstanding examples and problem sets that characterized all of James Stewart’s texts. In this new text, Stewart focuses on problem solving, using the pedagogical system that has worked so well for students in a wide variety of academic settings throughout the world.

The chapter titles from the table of contents may prove helpful:

1. Functions and Models
2. Limits and Derivatives
3. Differentiation Rules
4. Applications of Differentiation
5. Integrals
6. Applications of Integration
7. Techniques of Integration
8. Further Applications of Integration
9. Differential Equations
10. Curves in Parametric, Vector, and Polar Coordinates
11. Infinite Sequences and Series

Hardcover: 960 pages
Publisher: Brooks Cole
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Book is brand new. No writing or damage. 978-0-495-11337-9.


Book is brand new. No writing or damage.