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Bonds of War Hardcover
by Jack Bilello (Author)

Jesse Van Twelves kept his “rendezvous with destiny” during the savage, furious, sea battle for Guadalcanal in November, 1942. Still plagued by the demons of his war, Jesse is tormented by the knowledge that out of seven hundred men aboard his ship, the USS Juneau, he is one of ten to have survived the instantaneous destruction of his ship and the most brutal, intense suffering imaginable. Consequently, he has failed his only son, Donnie, himself hounded by the dark shadows of the Vietnam conflict. Father and son, in conflict, can’t escape their feelings of defeat, failure and guilt. Jesse revisits the heartland, Waterloo, Iowa, for a re-dedication ceremony. There, via a flashback, he gives the present the slip and revists the past. He returns to the fullness, spontaneity and goodness of beginning and learns some important truths about himself, his buddies, the fallen, and above all, his son, Donnie.

“In Bonds of War, Jack Bilello paints a picture with words…a gripping, visual, powerfuil depiction of World War II and Vietnam.” — Dan Lauria: TV & Movie Actor – “Wonder Years” – played the father, and also “Party of Five”, and Marine Veteran of Vietnam

“Passion for history — and a good story — fuels Pequan’s latest novel.” — Massapequa Post

“Though Bilello favors the Wrold War II part of Bonds of War — Vietnam vet Donnie seems to disappear for a little too long — he closes the gap between the two wars by showing that there are more similarities than differences between the wars and the men that fought them. Though Jesse fought the “Great Heroic War” and Donnie’s war branded him a “baby killer,” both men are wracked with anguish and eventually realize they also share more similarities than differences. Bilello sustains a compelling story to the novel’s end. His style of foreshadowing and weaving narratives together demans, and holds, the reader’s attention.” — Soundings – The Military Newsweekly for Hampton Roads

Jack Bilello’s Bonds of War presents fictionalized accounts of two true events that occurred in World War II and Vietnam. The story deals with the experiences of one of just ten survivors of the Juneau, a World War II cruiser that was torpedoed during the battle of Guadalcanal, and his son who fought in the Vietnam war. The descriptions of the battle sequences and their aftermath are gripping. But this is more than a war novel. The author does a masterful job of bringing the characters to life by describing their love, sex, and other experiences both during and after each war. Most importantly, the author exposes the psychological damage of the war experience and how, in this case, it affects the relationship between father and son. The story is at times very amusing and at other times tragic, but always well written and easy flowing. This book will certainly appeal to war novel aficionados, but anyone who likes a good, well-written story that deals with the tragedy of war will also be attracted to it. Bonds of War is an example of excellent American literature.

Book has minor wear along edges. Signed copy. “Borders autographed copy” sticker on cover. 1st printing. 1-58446-010-5.


Book has minor wear along edges. Signed copy. “Borders autographed copy” sticker on cover. 1st printing.