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Blitzkrieg (World War II – Time-Life Books Series) Hardcover
by Robert Wernick & Editors of Time-Life

The editors of Time-Life Books have produced another exciting series: World War II. Blitzkrieg is brought to you in extraordinary detail through vivid photography and engaging, informative text.

Series: World War II
Hardcover: 208 pages
Publisher: Time-Life Books

This second book of the 39-volume Time-Life series on World War II is readable, full of photos and breakouts and fairly informative. This is the war in Europe during the first nine months, from Hitler’s Sept. 1, 1939 assault on Poland, to his defeat of France in May/June 1940. As readers see from these pages, Nazi Germany’s success stemmed largely from their “Blitzkreig” tactics of massed tank armor coordinated with air attacks and some mechanized artillery (though most German foot soldiers walked and used horses to transport supplies). These tactics worked against Poland in September, 1939, and were arguably even more successful in May of 1940 as they needed just two weeks to slice up the French defenders and chase the British to Dunkirk. The book tells the story in readable detail. The book might have better detailed the Allied blunders in communications, deployment, and tactics. Had French General Gamelin heeded reports of German buildup near the Ardenne, installed radio’s in his (often superior) tanks and instituted fortified defense in the Sedan sector the outcome might have been far different. Still, this book provides a solid if basic look at the war’s tragic beginnings. From the invasion of Poland to the fall of France, this volume continues the great Time-Life series with great narratives, hundreds of photos (some color), and great line drawings. As with “Prelude to War,” this book is filled with tight, concise writing with a lot of visual aids. While lacking the bounce and zip of “Prelude to War,” the writing is also the strong suit of this volume. There are many good photos and a couple of maps.

This book can stand on its own. As exhibited by the text, the valor of the outgunned Poles, Fins, Norwegians, Dutch and Belgians (not to mention the doughty Brits) stands in stark contrast to the lack of fight and defeatism shown by the French, particularly its leadership. Each conflict is dealt with a decent amount of detail, as is the subject of the book — Blitzkrieg, the use of heavy bombers and dive-bombers followed by tanks to create weaknesses in defenses and motorized infantry to exploit them. Included are anecdotes of such legends as Hans Guderian and Erwin Rommel and his 7th Panzer Division. The book ends with the retreat at Dunkirk, which is where the third volume in this collection (“The Battle of Britain”) begins.

Bottom of pages got wet and dried…minor water damage throughout. Shelf wear to cover. 77-74822.


Bottom of pages got wet and dried…minor water damage throughout. Shelf wear to cover.