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Kevin Smith’s The Bionic Man Volume 1: Some Assembly Required TP [Paperback] Dynamite Entertainment. Jonathan Lau (Illustrator), Kevin Smith (Author), Phil Hester (Author). Near mint, first print. Kevin Smith wrote a script for The 6 Million Dollar Man which was going to be a movie back in the 90s but was never made. The script has languished unread and unproduced for years, much like his Green Hornet script, and, like the Green Hornet script, Smith has handed it over to Phil Hestor and Jonathan Lau to turn into a comic book for publishers Dynamite Entertainment. Steve Austin, the iconic action hero of The Six Million Dollar Man, returns! Groundbreaking filmmaker Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy) rebuilds the world’s first bionic man, making him better, stronger, and faster than ever before! Joined by Phil Hester and Jonathan Lau, his collaborators on the critically-acclaimed Green Hornet revival, Smith plunges Steve Austin into a dangerous world of espionage and high adventure. Reunited with Jaime Sommers (of The Bionic Woman fame), Austin must face a maniacal enemy built from deadly technology and dedicated to the collapse of entire nations! Collects issues 1-10, a complete cover gallery with art by Alex Ross, Paul Renaud, Jonathan Lau, Stephen Segovia and sketches and designs by Alex Ross! Paperback: 248 pages

Collects Bionic Man 1-10. Near mint, 1st print.