Best of Starlog Magazine 7 NM Interviews w/ George Lucas Michael J Fox John Carpenter


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Steven Spielberg / Amazing Stories interview, Peter Davison / Doctor Who interview, Article on the Doctor Who stage show, Mel Gibson on Mad Max, George Ogilvie on Mad Max, George Lucas on Captain EO and Ewok Adventures, Anthony Daniels on playing C3PO,. Sting on The Bride, Leonard Nimoy on Star Trek IV, Kirstie Alley on Star Trek, Ridley Scott on Legend, Jack Gilford on Cocoon, Ron Howard on directing Cocoon, Michael J Fox on Back to the Future and Teen Wolf, Arnold Schwarzenegger interview, Patrick Macnee on The Avengers, Gordo Cooper on The Right Stuff, Rutger Hauer on The Hitcher, Angry Anderson on Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Roddy McDowall on Fright Night, Aliens article (James Cameron), Daryl Hannah on The Clan of the Cave Bear, John Carpenter on Starman, John Badham on Short Circuit!

Near mint condition. More pictures may be in description (which it is suggested you read!)