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Their love story may be the greatest the world has even known, the love between Beauty Catherine (Linda Hamilton) and Beast Vincent (Ron Perlman). Beauty and the Beast is an American drama series which first aired on CBS in 1987. Creator Ron Koslow’s updated version of the fairy tale has a double focus: the relationship between Vincent (Ron Perlman), a mythic, noble man-beast, and Catherine (Linda Hamilton), a savvy Assistant District Attorney in New York; and a secret Utopian community of social outcasts living in a subterranean sanctuary. Through an empathetic bond, Vincent senses Catherine’s emotions, and becomes her guardian. Vincent’s makeup was devised by veteran Hollywood makeup artist Rick Baker. George R.R. Martin, who would later write the unrelated A Song of Ice and Fire book series, was a writer and producer on the show. Catherine Chandler (played by Linda Hamilton) – A corporate attorney in her father’s law firm. After she’s abducted, beaten, and her face slashed upon being mistaken for Carol Stabler, Catherine was rescued and tended to by Vincent. After that experience, Catherine changes her life completely and becomes an investigator for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. In Season Three, Catherine becomes pregnant with Vincent’s child and is captured by Gabriel. She is later killed by Gabriel, who overdoses her with morphine.

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