Battle Chasers Poster # 1 Gully by Joe Madureira Darksiders Spider-Man


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Battle Chasers was one of the initial three comic book series published under the Cliffhanger label, which Madureira founded with fellow artists J. Scott Campbell (Danger Girl) and Humberto Ramos (Crimson). Madureira canceled Battle Chasers #10, and placed the series “on hold” after forming a game development company called Tri-Lunar with Tim Donley and Greg Peterson. The story takes place in an arcanepunk setting. The story stars a quintet of main characters, including a nine-year-old girl named Gully, whose father mysteriously vanishes, leaving behind a pair of magical gloves. A pulchritudinous warrior named Red Monika tries to enlist a swordsman haunted by the death of his wife, Garrison, to assist in freeing a prisoner, which Garrison turns down. Red Monika accidentally releases four extremely powerful villains during the breakout. Garrison overcomes his grief and joins Gully, the wizard Knolan, and the towering war golem Calibretto to stop the villains’ rampage.

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