Batman / Tarzan Claws of the Cat-Woman # 3 NM Ron Marz Igor Kordey Dark Horse DC Comics


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Batman Tarzan Claws of the Catwoman (1999) #3
Published Nov 1999 by Dark Horse/DC.

by Ron Marz and Igor Kordey; cover by Dave Dorman After following a treacherous route through dense jungle and over waterfalls, our heroes arrive at the lost city. They soon learn it has fallen under the control of Dent, who has taken the Pharaoh and his daughter hostage while Dent’s men fleece the city of its priceless treasures. Batman and Tarzan cannot sit idly by, but their attempt at a rescue is foiled by Dent. Now Dent is about to claim the princess and the city as his own. Co-published with DC Comics. FC, 32pg (3 of 4).

Near mint condition. 1st print.