Batman Poster # 5 Movie Tim Burton Michael Keaton Vikki Vale


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Vikki Vale (Kim Basinger) stands by her man, Michael Keaton: Batman. Vicki Vale is featured prominently in the 1989 film Batman, played by Kim Basinger. Sean Young was originally cast as Vicki before being forced to bow out due to an injury from a horse-riding scene that was ultimately deleted from the film. When the movie begins, Vicki has come to Gotham City to do a story on Batman, but she soon becomes romantically involved with Bruce Wayne, unaware that he and Batman are one and the same person. She later becomes drawn into the conflict with the Joker when he develops an affection for her. Eventually Vicki does learn Bruce’s secret identity and is present during Batman’s final confrontation with the Joker on top of Gotham City Cathedral. At the end of the film, Alfred Pennyworth chauffeurs her to Wayne Manor to await Bruce’s return once the night’s crimefighting is done.

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