Batman Book of Shadows NM Mills Gallagher Duke Mighten 1st print Aeon Flux


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Batman The Book of Shadows (1999) #1
Published Jul 1999 by DC.

64 pages, full color Written by Pat Mills and Debbie Gallagher. Art and cover by Duke Mighten. Cover price $5.95.

In this grim Prestige Format one-shot from writers Pat Mills (2000 AD) and Debbie Gallagher and artist Duke Mighten, the creator of “Aeon Flux,” a cult preys on the lost, the lonely, and the brokenhearted of Gotham City. They are hoping to unleash the power of the demon Archon as prophesied in the Book of Shadows. As the Batman investigates numerous, seemingly related disappearances, he comes to realize that he is “the King of the Lonely,” the ultimate sacrifice that will see the Earth bathed in blood. Definitely not light reading, but an intriguing piece from a cutting edge creative team.


Near mint condition. 1st print.