Baseball Nintendo Game Boy


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Baseball by Nintendo

Strategy, skill and determination. It takes all three to win at Baseball! Choose a starting pitcher from your bullpen (Mario is an old favorite). Hurl fastballs past the batter. If he connects, your outfield backs up to snag a fly. A sturdy infield backs you up on grounders and pop-ups. Three outs later and your team is up. Take a strike to feel out the pitcher. Then drive a long one. It’s a home run!

Baseball is another one of the first games made on the Gameboy portable console. The game is actually pretty fun. You only play one game against the computer or go head to head with a friend who has the same game. It has been awhile since I played it but you could choose between 1 of 4 teams. The play control was pretty good. Fielding is made pretty easy by the oval area of where the ball will be hit. The Homeruns looked great. I always thought it was hard to strike any of the other team out though. The computer AI never wanted to swing at any balls outside the strike zone which makes it a little unrealistic. This is a great game to have if you need to kill time for 15 or 20 minutes out and about somewhere. It is very basic yet fun to play. I would rate this a 4 star game. I really enjoyed it when I had the game.

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