Avengers Poster #93 Incredible Hulk vs Mighty Thor Sal Buscema


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Depicting the throwdown between Hulk and Thor from the Avengers / Defenders War in Defenders # 10! These two had a history going back to the very beginnings of the Marvel Age. Although they had faced off in the past, neither had truly been the winner in any contest –although they both believed themselves greater than the other! But as arguably Marvel’s most powerful heroes in the early days, it was natural for fans to want to know, “Who was stronger?” In Defenders #10, both the Hulk and Thor arrive in Los Angeles, seeking the final piece of the Evil Eye. Hulk finds it a split second before Thor, and Thor tries to appeal to the man-brute on the basis of their being founding Avengers. Hulk’s response is quick and to the point: “Yes…Hulk was an Avenger once…didn’t like it!” And with that he starts our show with a haymaker that sends the thunder god flying!

Near mint condition.