Avengers Poster #61 Cage Daredevil Iron Fist Jessica Jones Leinel Francis Yu


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Luke Cage, Captain America, Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, Daredevil, Jewel / Power Woman, Peter Parker and Wolverine! The Avengers have a problem with the fact that one of them might be a Skrull. Doctor Strange informs them that he has discovered a spell that will reveal the true spiritual nature of the individual. It will show their secret desires, and not even a Skrull could hide from that. The spell goes to work and each of them is shown, visually, who they truly wish to be. Clint’s is shown to be Captain America, and Maya’s is Daredevil. They all pass the Skrull test with flying colors – even Wolverine, who joins them at the last moment.

Near mint condition.