Avengers Poster #19 Spider-Woman Andrea DiVito Jessica Drew


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Jessica Drew, the original Spider-Woman. As a result of a combination of a special serum derived from spider blood and a certain radiation treatment, Jessica possesses superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes, and speed. Her body generates excess bioelectricity that she can focus into “venom blasts” sufficient to stun or kill normal humans and blast through solid metal. She has a degree of control over the intensity of these blasts. She can also adhere to almost any surface by excreting an unknown adhesive substance from her palms and soles. Jessica is highly resistant to all poisons and drugs; a first exposure to a specific toxin will disable but not kill her, and subsequent exposures have no effect whatsoever. She is also totally immune to the harmful effects of radiation. Her body exudes a high concentration of pheromones which elicit pleasure in men while repulsing women, though she uses a chemical “perfume” that can nullify this effect.

Near mint condition.