Avengers Poster #170 Hulk Thing Colossus Fear Itself by Dale Eaglesham


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The Worthy are the Serpent’s elite vanguards and agents of destruction. The eight superpowered beings who can wield those hammers are granted immense magical power and are possessed by the evil spirits that are associated with the Serpent. Sin was the first one to lift the Hammer of Skadi and transform into Skadi who frees the Serpent from his magical prison. He then sends seven more hammers to Earth which are lifted by seven more people. As the Serpent began to choose his Worthy to help destroy Earth in his war with Odin, one hammer fell on Yancy Street. The Future Foundation arrived in an attempt to remove and study the hammer but due to Ben’s continuing guilt over the death of Johnny Storm, Ben was chosen and transformed into Angrir Breaker of Souls. He quickly destroyed Yancy Street and killed dozens of spectators who were watching the action. Angrir destroyed Avengers Tower and the surrounding areas with his Hammer.

Near mint condition.