Avengers Poster #156 Captain America Wasp Thor Iron Man Adi Granov


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Thor, Wasp, Iron Man, Giant Man and Captain America…the Mighty Avengers! The roster of the Avengers changed almost immediately once they formed; at the beginning of the second issue, Ant-Man became Giant-Man and at the end of the issue, the Hulk left once he realized how much the others feared his unstable personality. Feeling responsible, the Avengers attempted to locate and contain the Hulk, which subsequently led them into combat with Namor the Sub-Mariner. This resulted in the first major milestone in the Avengers’ history: the revival and return of Captain America. Captain America joined the team, and he was given “founding member” status in the Hulk’s place. The Avengers went on to fight foes such as Captain America’s wartime enemy Baron Zemo, who formed the Masters of Evil, Kang the Conqueror, Wonder Man, and Count Nefaria.

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